What is your investment philosophy?

We believe in taking a long-term view and construct portfolios built from investments across multiple asset classes and geographies. Our portfolios reflect the dynamic global economy we live in today. In any given year, any number of different asset classes or geographies will be top performers. Our diversified portfolios allow us to capture the benefit of this dynamic. We construct portfolios with a mixture of active and passive management styles with a keen eye on controlling the total cost to the client. Finally, we work to integrate alternative investments, where possible, into client portfolios for the non-correlated returns and risk-diversification benefits they can offer.

On a more practical level, we see investors consistently make two mistakes. First, they try and time the market or are too short-term oriented in their thinking. We advise patience and a long-term point of view. This approach has consistently led to higher returns. The second mistake is investors trying to do everything on their own. Investing and saving is hard. It isn’t taught, but is expected of everyone. We are not all expected to be surgeons, so we don’t think everyone should try to be their own financial planner. The best advice we have is to take a long-term view and to hire an experienced and trustworthy financial planner.