Frequently Asked Questions


What kinds of services does TrustCore offer?

TrustCore provides services for individuals and businesses in the areas of financial planning, wealth management, stock options and risk management. TrustCore’s team of financial planners provide expertise in investments, insurance, retirement, healthcare, education, taxes, estate planning, risk management and more.

How is TrustCore different from other financial services companies or investment firms?

TrustCore was founded to fill the need for objective, client focused, coordinated financial advice and planning. Serving clients for more than 35 years, TrustCore has become one of the largest independent wealth management firms in the U.S.

We hold ourselves to the fiduciary standard which requires us to put client interests before our own. The firm is privately owned and operates independently from any brokerage firm, bank, insurance company or other financial services company. TrustCore offers no “house brand” products, and our financial planners have no production or sales quotas. We advise our clients based on a clear understanding of their underlying, long-term needs.

With client assets of $1.5 billion, TrustCore’s size and scale enable us to bring you deep expertise and unique investment opportunities. This means we can provide a broader range of quality investment options – and generally at a lower cost – than other smaller advisers.

Finally, we place financial planning at the center of everything we do. While we provide extensive investment management services, we always advise our clients to start with a comprehensive financial plan to guide decisions about investments and all aspects of your financial future.

Is there a minimum investment?

No. We evaluate prospective clients individually based on where they are now, but also where they can be in the future. After that evaluation, a determination on fit can be made. That said, our average client relationship has $1 million of investable assets under our guidance, with a range of $200,000 to $40 million.

How does TrustCore match its clients with the appropriate financial planners?

TrustCore will work to understand your needs and match you with a planner based on your individual goals and preferences.

How do I know I am getting an experienced and qualified financial planner?

TrustCore’s team of 25 financial planners hold the industry’s most recognizable credentials, placing them among the most experienced and qualified financial professionals in the nation.

  • Certified Public Accountant/Personal Financial Specialist (CPA/PFS)
  • Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA)
  • Chartered Financial Consultant® (ChFC®)
  • Certified Investment Management Analyst® (CIMA)
  • Registered Financial Consultant (RFC®)
Are TrustCore’s financial planners paid on commission?

Approximately 95% of our planner’s revenue is fee-based. The portion that is commission-based typically relates to insurance commissions.

I have never worked with a financial planner. How does the process work?

At TrustCore, we understand that every client has a unique set of goals and values. Using a four-step process, we work to understand what’s most important to you and develop customized plans to help you build, manage and protect your financial future. Visit our Financial Planning page to learn more about our process.

What are your fees?

Our fees typically start at 1.0%-1.25% of assets under management, depending on the depth of service involved.

What is your investment philosophy?

We believe in taking a long-term view and construct portfolios built from investments across multiple asset classes and geographies. Our portfolios reflect the dynamic global economy we live in today. In any given year, any number of different asset classes or geographies will be top performers. Our diversified portfolios allow us to capture the benefit of this dynamic. We construct portfolios with a mixture of active and passive management styles with a keen eye on controlling the total cost to the client. Finally, we work to integrate alternative investments, where possible, into client portfolios for the non-correlated returns and risk-diversification benefits they can offer.

On a more practical level, we see investors consistently make two mistakes. First, they try and time the market or are too short-term oriented in their thinking. We advise patience and a long-term point of view. This approach has consistently led to higher returns. The second mistake is investors trying to do everything on their own. Investing and saving is hard. It isn’t taught, but is expected of everyone. We are not all expected to be surgeons, so we don’t think everyone should try to be their own financial planner. The best advice we have is to take a long-term view and to hire an experienced and trustworthy financial planner.

How will you keep me informed about market conditions or other issues that might affect my financial situation?

You and your financial planner will establish a relationship and decide together how and when you would like to receive information and updates. We continuously monitor economic indicators, market performance and changes in tax and estate laws. We analyze and interpret these factors for you. We let you know what they mean for you – and recommend changes in strategy when needed.

All clients also have access to a client portal via their desktop computer or mobile device so that they can stay in touch with how their portfolios are performing.

Where can I find your ADV form?

Our ADV form can be found on our website by clicking here or by visiting the Legal page accessible at the bottom of our homepage.

Can TrustCore help me choose the right health insurance and long-term care insurance?

Yes. TrustCore can work with you to find the right solutions for life, health, disability or long-term care to help secure your family’s future. Our advisors compare a range of carriers to find the most comprehensive coverage at competitive rates for your specific need. In particular, TrustCore advisors can help you navigate the complexity of the Medicare insurance market through their own expertise and connections with industry consultants.

Can TrustCore help me understand my Social Security benefit options?

Yes. TrustCore’s experienced financial planners will work with you to help you understand your Social Security benefit options and make informed decisions regarding the timing of your benefits, spousal benefits and other matters.

What are alternative investments and how does TrustCore incorporate them into portfolios?

Alternative investments are investment vehicles outside of the traditional single security, mutual fund and ETF wrappers. Examples include hedge funds, private equity, real estate investment trusts, commodities, reinsurance contracts, peer to peer lending and more. TrustCore has in-depth expertise in the alternative investment space and can help you understand the benefits and risks of each investment type based on your specific needs. Recommendations are based on a clear understanding of your goals, time horizons, tolerance for risk and other factors.