Each portfolio was custom designed to fit their unique risk tolerance and objectives.

The clients are two unrelated business owners who share ownership of a company evenly. They started the company a few years ago and have built it from the ground up.

TrustCore was involved early on in the life of the business and, as business cash flow improved, the first task was in business planning. TrustCore worked to have a buy/sell agreement in place and calculated the value of the company to ascertain the amount of life insurance to procure. TrustCore placed buy/sell insurance, along with key-man insurance on each of the owners.

As business cash flow quickly improved, the owners wanted a way to retain employees and also contribute to a tax-advantaged retirement vehicle. TrustCore advised the clients on a switch from SEP-IRA contributions to a 401k-Profit-Sharing Plan to allow employees to defer money into the plan and allow the owners to contribute a match.

The planning didn’t stop there, as the business planning filtered down into the client’s personal lives. TrustCore worked to create an individual financial plan designed for each owner.

TrustCore’s intimate knowledge of the business helped with their personal planning as we projected retirement goals and short term cash flow needs, such as private grade school, college, and housing purchases.

Since TrustCore had just placed business insurance with favorable underwriting, we were able to get disability and life insurance in place for each owner without having to go through a time consuming underwriting process. Coordinating the business planning with the household planning was vital to accurately align the proceeds that each spouse would receive in the event of the business owners passing.

Even though our clients work well together within the business, they feel very differently about their personal investment portfolios. Each portfolio was custom designed to fit their unique risk tolerance and objectives.

Estate Planning documents were created and coordinated with insurance and retirement plans for both families.

After initial implementation, the planning doesn’t stop. As the owners make profit distributions, and the business environment changes, TrustCore has continued to update financial plans on an annual basis to ensure they stay on track toward their goals.