Wealth Management

Charting the Right Course

TrustCore’s experienced team of financial planners helps you identify options and make informed investment choices. We’ll guide you through today’s complex investment instruments and chart a course that reflects your goals and your tolerance for risk. At TrustCore, the investment process begins by identifying your short and long-term goals. Then, we analyze your individual investment requirements, including performance, tax efficiency, liquidity, and market risk. Based on our analysis, we’ll suggest custom investment strategies and options to meet your specific needs.

Customized Investment Strategies

Once we have charted the right course, we will construct a custom investment portfolio from multiple assets classes that matches your return needs and risk tolerance. Depending on what is right for you, that portfolio will be built with components from the following asset classes: US stocks and bonds, International stocks and bonds, real estate, REITs, annuities, commodities, or alternative investments such as venture capital, private equity, and hedge funds.

Proprietary Research and Insights

Our research team provides TrustCore financial planners with the tools they need to select and monitor investments that fit your needs. Using a proprietary evaluation method, we review and analyze thousands of potential investments (mutual funds, ETFs, alternative investments and their managers). The TrustCore Select Fund List is formed out of this process. To qualify for inclusion on our Select List, an investment must meet and maintain a rigorous set of standards and criteria. A key distinction of our research capability is our understanding of the alternative investment marketplace.

Independent and Objective

Because we’re an independent firm, TrustCore does not offer “house brand” investment products. None of our recommended funds are owned or sponsored by TrustCore and our advisors do not have sales quotas.

Investment Services

  • Portfolio analysis
  • Stock option analysis and strategies
  • Asset management
  • Dollar cost averaging and periodic investing
  • Retirement plans: 401(k), traditional and ROTH IRA, SEP, 403(b) plans, profit sharing, money purchase pension and defined benefit plans

Our Third Party Custodian

TrustCore Financial Services, LLC does not maintain custody of your assets on which we advise. Your assets must be maintained in an account at a “qualified custodian,” generally a broker-dealer or bank. In March of 2017, we signed an agreement with Schwab Advisor Services™ and we are now recommending that our clients use Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. (“Schwab”), a FINRA-registered broker-dealer, member SIPC®, as the qualified custodian. We chose Schwab as our partner because of its service culture and position as the market leader in partnering with RIAs to serve their clients. Schwab is a 45-year old, publicly-traded corporation with a market capitalization in excess of $50 billion. Learn More »

TrustCore Investments, LLC is an affiliated firm of TrustCore Financial Services, LLC and is limited use broker/dealer that does not custody any assets. This means TrustCore Investments, LLC can open an account for you directly with a mutual fund or conduct variable annuity/variable product business only. TrustCore Investments, LLC is a member of FINRA and SIPC®.

Please Note

Please note that investments purchased through TrustCore Investments, LLC, member SIPC®, are not FDIC insured, not bank guaranteed, not insured by any federal government agency and may decrease in overall value.